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September 8, 2013 (Sunday) 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Bellevue College Main Campus
Main Stage in the GYM (G Bldg) [campus map]

(Photos taken in 2010 Aki Matsuri)

Kisaragi-kai was founded in February 1976 by a small group of people from Tokyo who could not form a kenjin-kai because Tokyo was not a ken (prefecture). Kisaragi means the 2nd month of the lunar calendar. So, the organization was named Kisaragi-kai after the name of the month it was founded.

Kisaragi-kai is a well-structured organization with its officers elected every two years as stated in the regulations of the club.

It now has about 100 members--women from post-war Japan with various backgrounds from all walks of life. Kisaragi-kai seeks to establish and maintain friendship and harmony among the members. It is also interested in promoting Japanese culture in this society of diversity to help bring about understanding among the peoples of different cultures.

Kisaragi-kai conducts monthly meetings at Fujimi-so, and participates in many events in the Nikkei Community. Monthly meetings are generally held for the benefit of its members, and activities include cooking classes, lectures, picnics, a Christmas party, and anniversary parties. The members also actively take part in community service events like the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, Hina Matsuri and Father's Day entertainment at Keiro, Nikkei Manor resident's birthday parties and bingo games, and Aki Matsuri.

Furthermore, the members support one another in their effort to maintain their well-being. When a member is ill or in distress for any reason, she can be certain that others will be there to offer her help and comfort. Kisaragi kai's members are each other's family - family left behind in Japan. New members are always welcome.

(Photos taken in 2010 Aki Matsuri)

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