Welcome to the Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association (ENMA) Home page! "Nihon" and "Matsuri" are Japanese words. They mean "Japanese Festival".

ENMA is a non-profit organization staffed by a team of community minded volunteers who are interested in preserving and furthering the arts and crafts of Japan for the enjoyment of all community members in the Greater Seattle area and Pacific Northwest.

Since 1998, every fall, ENMA presented "Aki Matsuri (Fall Festival)", a 2-day program of Japanese cultural, educational, and fun events for all age groups, to celebrate Japan's rich cultural heritage. A large number of local artists and craftpersons practicing Japanese-style arts and crafts (including the performing arts and martial arts), and Japan related businesses & organizations participated during the entire two day event activities.

It is with sadness that we of the Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association (ENMA) announce discontinuance of the annual Aki Matsuri Event. As we conclude eighteen (18) years of Aki Matsuri history following the presentation of the Aki Matsuri 2015 Event, we would like to convey our sincere and deep appreciation to the tens of thousands of community members and friends who have helped and supported "Aki Matsuri Events" as sponsors, participants, volunteers, and visitors. Without you, the "Aki Matsuri" event could not have been so successful. We have all shared common interests and ties, especially a love of Japan and its culture, and we hope that continues on into the future for many years to come.

ENMA brought together an Advisory Team to explore future alternatives and fully supports transition initiatives and efforts leading to newly established Japan-related Cultural Event(s) to be be lead by new leadership team(s) in 2016 and going forward.

We are pleased to announce that "Japan Fair" began in 2016 and “Japan Week @ Bellevue College” is scheduling an event to begin in 2017. ENMA has consistently provided information, and advisory support to both teams during the past two (2) years, and are optimistic of success and long-term continuance.

We greatly appreciate your continued cooperation and support to make all above mentioned events successful for the community!

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