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~Past Event ~
2001 Information

"These pictures were taken during 2001 Aki Matsuri"

During the weekend of September 22 and 23, 2001, we continued at the Bellevue Community College campus with a 2-day matsuri presenting a program similar to the popular 2000 Event. Some of the highlights included: A Karaoke Competition and the Seattle Mariners' Moose's visit to Aki Matsuri! Event attendance was approximately 3,000.

In addition to the 2-day matsuri, a Friday Evening Concert with Susan Osborn was held at the Bellevue Community College's Carlson Theater on September 21.

~ 2001 Aki Matsuri Special Event ~

Susan Osborn - Profile
Susan Osborn
There is no question of the healing power of a focused human gift of music, and Susan Osborn is one that has this great clarity, understanding, beauty and wisdom. The mosaic of artists in her life include Brazilian percussionist Nana Vasconcelos, singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams, Miles Davis, keyboardist Robert Irving, folk legend Odetta and Broadway star Betty Buckley, New York Pops maestro Skitch Henderson, African master drummer Baba Olatunji, and guitarist Ralf Illenberger.
Susan Osborn co-created and recorded an album (WABI; the Soul of Japan) of traditional Japanese songs in English and received the Japanese equivalent of a Grammy (Recordo Taisho) in 1991, and then two more releases for her Japanese audience and a score of tours establishing her as a substantial performing artist in contemporary Japanese music and theater ... A documentary film of her life for Asahi H-D TV was aired in 1997. In 1996, she had a starring role in the celebrated Japanese musical Tanuki Goten. Along the way she has performed and reorded in the UN General Assembly; at the Global Forum in Kyoto and the Hague, celebrating the formation of the world environmental organization, the International Green Cross with Mikael and Raisa Gorbechev, and appearing at numerous conferences and events through the years.

Susan had the honor of singing at both the Winter Olympic Games at a medal awards ceremony and the Closing Ceremonies of the Paralympic Games in Nagano, Japan in Winter 1998

Everyone's favorite antlered friend
The Mariner Moose

HISTORY - On opening Night 1990, the Mariner Moose became the first mascot in team history. The Moose was selected from over 2,500 entries submitted by children 14 and under across the Pacific Northwest. Ammon Spiller, a fifth grader from Central Elementary School in Ferndale, WA, came up with the idea. Ammon's one-page explanation of his suggestion included the following explanation: "I chose the Moose because they are funny, neat and friendly. The Moose would show that the Mariners enjoy playing and that they still have a few tricks up their sleeves. It shows they're having fun no matter what the situation." Along with being an entertaining character for Mariners fans, young and old, the Moose is a wonderful symbol of the great Northwest.

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