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2002 Information

During the weekend of September 14 and 15, 2002, we continued at the Bellevue Community College campus with a 2-day matsuri featuring Japanese martial arts demonstrations and performing arts performances, Japanese cultural art & craft exhibits, demonstrations and workshops, Japanese food cooking demonstrations and food booths (Yatai). We featured two local artists; Mrs. Haruko Shimizu (Mizuhuki Zaiku) and Mrs. Teiko Shimazaki (Sumi-e). The Seattle Mariners' Moose was back at the Aki Matsuri on Saturday afternoon.

Something never before seen in this area was an “O-mikoshi procession.” A genuine, full-sized portable shrine (O-mikoshi) from the Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America in Granite Falls was on display during the 2-day event and was carried around on the Bellevue College Campus in a lively and colorful procession.

We had about 5,000 visitors during the 2-day event. This represented an approximate 40% increase in attendance over 2001.

Moose and Ikebana
Moose trying Calligraphy
"Moose and Ikebana"

"Moose trying Calligraphy"

Omikoshi Procession Photo 1
Omikoshi Procession Photo 2
"Omikoshi Procession Photo 1"

"Omikoshi Procession Photo 2"

In addition to the 2-day matsuri, a concert featuring John Kaizan Neptune, a World-renowned shakuhachi performer from Japan and an accompanying guitarist, Takao Naoi, was held at the Bellevue Community College's Carson Theatre on October 19, 2002.

Takao Naoi
John Kaizan Neptune
"Photo Courtesy of Takao Naoi"

"Photo Courtesy of John Kaizan Neptune"

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