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~Past Event ~
2003 Information

The 6th Annual Aki Matsuri
September 13 & 14, 2003 at the Bellevue Community College Main Campus

2003 was an expanded 2002 Program with the addition of a special "Dress of Japan" segment with beautiful kimono for many occasions worn/modeled by men and women, and an educational Rice Project showing the parallel & differences in Japan and America of rice cultivation, the societal implications, the many uses in food and other items. The crowds for this 2-day event were estimated to be approximately 6,000.

Kimono 1
Kimono 2
Wedding Kimono
"Kimono Display"

"Kimono Display 2"

"Wedding Kimono"

Dress of Japan
Dress of Japan
"Dress of Japan 1"

"Dress of Japan 2"

Omikoshi 1
"Omikoshi Procession Photo 1"

"Omikoshi Procession Photo 2"

Shorinji Kempo

"Shorinji Kempo"

Kaze Daiko
Saettle Kokon Taiko
"Kaze Daiko"

"Seattle Kokon Taiko"

Tea House
Tea Ceremony Demonstration
"Tea House"

"Tea Ceremony Demonstration"



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