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2009 Information

The 12th Annual Aki Matsuri
September 12 & 13, 2009 at the at Bellevue College Main Campus

The popular programs included Japanese fine art & craft exhibits and demonstrations, booths of Japan-related businesses & organizations, Japanese martial art demonstrations, on-stage performing arts, Nomi-no-ichi (Japanese style flea market), and the Japanese food booths.

2009 Aki Matsuri featured:

Tsugaru nuri exhibit and demonstration by Mr. Kozo Fujino, and Lecture on "Tsugaru as one of the last undiscovered areas of Japan" by Professor Anthony Rausch. Professor Rausch also conducted a hands-on sanding and polishing workshop producing a lacquer pendant.

For more details, please check here.

Yakumaru Nodachi Jigenryu
Demonstrations and lectures were conducted by representatives of Yakumaru Nodachi Jigen-ryu dojo in Kagoshima and Tokyo. Yakumaru Nodachi Jigen-ryu is one of the classic Martial Arts of Japan (Kobudo). This school originated in the 10th century by its founder, Kaneyuki Tomono in Satsuma (currently Kagoshima), Japan.

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Washington Koi & Water Garden Society presented their 18th Annual Koi Show at BC (main campus) during Aki Matsuri Weekend.

There were Koi exhibitions, judging, lectures, and sales.

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Special Projects included Omikoshi Procession, Taiko Workshops, Bonsai Workshops, and Japan Culture in Classroom Workshop.

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